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Work with the CFA Foundation, Inc. to set up a project specific contribution that ties in with safety goals. Provide part of the incentive to the people that were responsible for meeting the goal and name the CFA Foundation, Inc. as the beneficiary of the other portion. Please be advised that this program’s intent is not to discourage reporting of incidents and should meet OSHA guidelines (click here to view the OSHA Whistleblower program).

Suggestions of measurement tools for a successful and OSHA-aligned safety incentive program:

  • Encouraging reporting of incidents (injuries, near miss or property damage) in a timely manner, then an incident itself does not disqualify from the program
  • Reporting and correction of safety non-compliance items within project specific timeframes
  • Special training accomplishments by workers (task/equipment specific)
  • Behavioral based safety measurable items (observation cards, suggestions, etc.)

Information on the incentive program should be shared with project workers during scheduled safety awareness luncheons or giveaways that are held/done regardless of how the project is performing from a safety standpoint.

Approval process

  • Submit a proposal to the CFA Foundation, Inc. staff
  • The proposal will be submitted to the CFA Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors for approval
  • All submissions and approvals will be on a case by case basis
  • Note: Companies/Individuals are not allowed to use the CFA Foundation, Inc. logo or name without approval from the CFA Foundation, Inc.
  • Note: Companies/Individuals are not allowed to hold an event benefiting the CFA Foundation, Inc. without approval of the CFA Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors