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In 2010, a committee was formed by MICCS, the foundation’s sister organization, to develop a plan to establish a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that would provide financial assistance to individuals or families affected by a construction or facilities maintenance related incident or loss of life beyond that of worker’s compensation, other insurance, or settlements. In 2012, that became a reality with the formation of the MICCS Foundation which is now a standalone organization. Led by a board of directors, the foundation has established sizeable retained earnings in order to provide financial assistance when needed. Although this money is available for afflicted individuals and their families, it is the belief of the foundation’s board that safety is the most important issue when it comes to construction and facilities maintenance projects.

In 2015,  MICCS changed its name to the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) and still is a major contributor to the Foundation.

Also in 2015, the MICCS Foundation became the Construction Family Assistance (CFA) Foundation to better express who we are and what we do.