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Who we help

  • Indiana construction and construction-related maintenance workers and their families impacted by a life-changing jobsite incident.
  • The CFA Foundation does not judge who is at fault, and it does not affect our decision on who we help. The Foundation awards gifts that are flexible, varied and discretionary.
  • Our assistance is considered a gift and is not subject to income tax.

How we help

  • The CFA Foundation works to provide financial assistance as soon as possible after an incident to bridge the gap until workers’ compensation or other insurance is available to the family.
  • Applications are reviewed shortly after they are received. If an application meets the Foundation guidelines, it is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Funds may be used for various items including, but not limited to, groceries, gasoline, travel expenses, education, utilities, car payments, childcare, legal expenses, rent, mortgage payments, counseling, clothing or funeral expenses.