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John Voigt, Chief Operations Officer for Brownsburg Community School Corporation, has become the newest member of the Construction Family Assistance (CFA) Foundation Board of Directors.

Board President Darrell Gossett of ERMCO welcome Voigt to the board. “It is important that our owners have a passion for the safety of our workers on their projects and equally care about the families of workers who are injured or killed while working on construction projects. John has that passion and will be a valuable addition in helping move the Foundation forward.”

Voigt, when asked why he believes it is important to support the Foundation said, “At a basic level, the well-being of our students, staff, and visitors is paramount to our purpose. If individuals are not healthy, or safe, we will not be successful in meeting our primary mission of educating students to their highest ability. This applies to not only to our students and staff, but also to those individuals providing services on our property.

“As a public school district, there are practical limits to the processes and programs we can implement to foster and support a safe construction work environment. CFA provides an outlet to ensure we are able to support those individuals, and their families when we have failed to ensure a safe work environment. It is the right thing to do.

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