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Building Excellence September 2017

The Indiana/Kentucky Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a strong supporter of the Construction Family Assistance Foundation (CFA) having become a Patron Level Supporter that represents a commitment for a substantial annual donation to the CFA having become a Patron Level Supporter that represents a commitment for a substantial annual donation to the CFA.

Executive Assistant Catrona Lanctot recounts first learning of CFA when Traci Hardin, Meyer Najem’s Vice President for Safety & Compliance and a member of the CFA Board of Directors, contracted her about putting a display table at ABC’s Annual Awards Gala. Every year the gala attracts over 400 ABC members so it was a great audience to receive information on CFA. Lanctot readily agreed to Hardin’s request.

ABC made the commitment to CFA that night.

Lanctot then attended CFA’s annual kickoff breakfast in January and left the meeting having agreed to serve on the Foundation Development Committee.

Why did Lanctot and ABC agree so quickly to offer major assistance?

“It’s really important to ABC to support our members and other industry professionals,” said Lanctot. “We preach ‘safety first’ but understand that accidents happen. All of us have experienced first-hand how traumatic and challenging a workforce injury can be so we feel it is important to have a resource like the CFA to send families to, where they can get help in those trying first days after an accident occurs.”

“Personally,” she said, “I think it is a great way for me to give back to the construction industry. It is a really good cause and a unique resource that we have in our area.”

ABC serves merit shop companies but Lanctot said any divisions in the industry disappear when an accident occurs. “When someone is injured on a jobsite, it’s a great chance for the construction industry to come together in support of that worker. While we strive to promote workplace safety, accidents can still happen. The CFA is a great example of unity in the construction industry to support our own people.”

ABC stresses safety as a priority for its members and offers a full-time staff person that helps put on in-house safety training courses and who also helps members create safety programs that are tailored to their individual needs. They also offer their STEP program (Safety Training Evaluation Process).

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