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Building Excellence, May 2017

There is normal busy. And then there is Greg Fuller busy.

Fuller is the President and owner of North Mechanical Contracting & Service, one of Indiana’s largest mechanical contracting companies. This year he is also the President of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) that counts more than 2,600 member companies in its ranks.

Just in the last six weeks, Fuller has travelled to two associations in California, has attended the group’s national convention in San Diego, California, has been to a committee meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, met with a contractor in Salt Lake City, Utah, and taught a class at the Institute of Project Management in Austin, Texas.

Yet when asked to talk about his company’s support for the Construction Family Assistance (CFA) Foundation, Fuller make time for it within minutes, emailing while in the air that the plane would be landing shortly and he would call at the airport.

When asked why North became a sustaining donor of CFA, committing to a three-year significant contribution, Fuller said that the company has always tried to be very involved in the community and in philanthropic activities and when he learned last year more details about the group, he jumped at the opportunity to help.

“I’m still learning about some of the families CFA has been able to hep and what the Foundation has been able to do for them, he said. “You know that when there is a job-related injury or fatality that there will be, for example, help for the family from insurance coverage. We all know that. But we don’t normally think of some of the things that the affected family is going to need immediately and might not be able to cover due to an accident. Things like the next house payment, childcare or just getting food on the table.

“These things are immediate needs and they are already going through a very traumatic experience. Receiving a contribution from CFA can help a family and lift just a little of the tremendous burden that they are experiencing and that is why I feel so strongly about CFA.”

Fuller is thankful that North Mechanical has never experienced being touched by a fatal or serious accident but acknowledges such circumstances can occur for any contractor any day.

In addition to making a financial contribution, Fuller is sharing the organization of the Foundation and its work during his travels across the country.

“People are very intrigued by the CFA and the process that the Foundation employs to carefully consider whether and what kind of support a family needs and then make sure that appropriate support is given quickly.”

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