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Building Excellence, January 2017

Randy Gieseking knows exactly when a decision to become a major donor to the Construction Family Assistance (CFA) Foundation occurred.

Gieseking, the President of Safety Management Group (SMG), was attending the annual CCS Awards Banquet and watched with hundreds of others as a video played of a young and recent widow expressing heartfelt gratitude to the Foundation for the assistance it provided to her family soon after her husband suffered a fatal injury. Gieseking was greatly affected by the plight of the young woman and her family and pleased to hear that an organization like CFA existed to help her quickly after the family’s loss and before other needed assistance could arrive.

He turned to Jesse Brazzell, SMG’s Safety Services Manager and said simply, “we should be an angel donor.” Brazzell, who with Gieseking and others at SMG have provided ongoing financial and volunteer services to safety organizations and causes in Indiana and throughout the country, agreed wholeheartedly.

An Angel Donor makes an annual $10,000 donation to the CFA Foundation and Brazzell is a member of the CFA Foundation’s Board of Directors, currently serving as Vice President.

“One of our core values is a commitment to serve our clients, our associates and our community,” said Gieseking. “We are a professional safety company, and our number one goal is to help our clients make sure that their team members get home safely every night, it’s what we do for a living. If we can participate at this level in the Foundation and it helps a family I need then it aligns with our key core values as a company.”

SMG now has 160 safety professionals in the field, working on projects and in companies throughout the United States. They have grown by about one third in the last two years alone.

One reason for the strong growth is that SMG has added three new services to assist their clients.

They now provide direct hire replacement services that allow them to begin providing recruiting services for environmental health and safety professionals for their clients on a fee basis. Gieseking said that the service will parallel their existing in house recruiting efforts and allow them to broaden their client base to many additional industries. “These services will take the burden off of a company’s human resources department and allow us to provide pre-screened, qualified candidates using the same due diligence we use when hiring our safety and environmental professionals,” he said.

Another new service is to provide environmental auditing and training services. The training deals with protecting environmental aspects such as land, water, air, animals, archaeological and hazardous materials. There are multiple federal and local regulatory agencies that monitor environmental compliance and SMG now has the expertise to assist companies with auditing, program development and training related to the environment.

Finally, the addition of safety leadership training allows companies to improve their safety performance by increasing effective safety leadership skills with SMG’s assistance.

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