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Building Excellence, December 2016

The Sheet Metal Contractors Associations of Central Indiana, the Lafayette Are Sheet Metal Contractors and the Fort Wayne Area Sheet Metal Contractors (SMACNA) have expressed their support of the goals and mission of the Construction Family Assistance (CFA) Foundation by making a significant contribution.

The support followed a presentation to the organizations by Darrell Gossett of ERMCO who is President of the Foundation.

Tracy Wilson, the Executive Director of SMACNA of Central Indiana said that Gossett’s presentation was persuasive.

“He told a sheet metal worker in Fort Wayne that had been injured on the job and ultimately died of those injuries whose family had been provided early assistance by CFA and that kind of hit home with us and we want everyone to be able to come home safely whether they are union or non-union,͟ she said.”

“We didn’t know that CFA had been formed that it was now separate from CCS. We always thought that CCS (formerly MICCS) took care of the Foundation financially through their events and so forth and we have believed ever since the Foundation was created that it was important to support. When we discovered that the Foundation needed financial support, our board thought it was important to step up.”

The separation from CCS occurred in 2015 when both organizations rebranded with MICCS becoming CCS and the MICCS Foundation which became its own 501 (c)(3) charitable organization in 2012 became the Construction Family Assistance (CFA) Foundation.

Wilson said that CFA has a particular and important niche to fill.

“One thing that we found interesting was that before other benefits might arrive, families have an immediate financial need that very likely adds to their considerable stress. Things like light bills and mortgages don’t stop coming when tragedy strikes. I don’t think anyone else is honing in on the many early needs that a family has. This Foundation plays an important role in keeping families together by providing very early assistance.”

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