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Building Excellence, September 2016

Meyer Najem, an Indiana-based construction management firm and a leader in supporting many efforts that serve to improve the industry, has made a three-year pledge to the Construction Family Assistance (CFA) Foundation totally $10,000.

CFA is the new name of the formerly named MICCS Foundation. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to people or families that are affected by a construction or facilities maintenance related incident that causes injury or loss of life.

CFA’s assistance goes beyond that provided by workers’ compensation, other insurance or settlements. Frequently the assistance provided helps to meet immediate needs that occur and for which there are no other avenues for such immediate assistance. Examples of this type of early assistance can range from groceries to car payments, home mortgage payments, counseling services and even funeral expenses

By providing early assistance for these types of needs, CFA seeks to lighten the burden of families during what is perhaps their most vulnerable time.

Traci Hardin is the Vice President of Safety and Compliance for Meyer Najem and as such is responsible for the management of the company safety program for all projects, human resources, diversity, leadership, training and mentoring. She noted that the decision to back the Foundation was easy. “It is part of our culture at Meyer Najem to give back to the community and the industry,” she said.

Hardin believes such ͞giving back͟ means more than just providing financial assistance, as much as that assistance is needed. That is why she recently agreed to serve on the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Hardin’s time is particularly precious given that she also volunteers as the chairwoman of the Educational Outreach Committee for the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) and is a member of the Safety Committee of the local chapter of the Associated Building and Contractors (ABC) while also being active in the Indy Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) which she once served as the chapter’s President.

Hardin is a firm believer that the Foundation serves a critically important role in the aftermath of a serious accident. “It is just wrong,” she said, “that a family that is already suffering such grief and emotional strain should also be essentially penalized because the help that is due them takes a few months to actually arrive. So I am very happy to support such an organization that contributes to these families and which helps to alleviate some of their initial financial strain.”

But Hardin also knows that many more companies are needed to step up and financially support CFA because the need is so great. “On the same day that Meyer Najem gave our financial contribution, the family of a young many who had died leaving behind a wife and two small children, was given assistance roughly equaling our annual gift. It was a coincidence but it still highlights the need for more contributions and gifts,” she said.

In addition to their financial contribution and their volunteer support, Meyer Najem will also place a full-page advertisement supporting the Foundation in an upcoming issue of their quarterly magazine, “Insights in Construction.”